Awards & Honors

Nelson Soler (center), CSO with Wyman Winston (left), Executive Director of WHEDA and Reggie Newson (right), Wisconsin Secretary of Workforce Development

  • 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Award HPGM

  • 2011 UMOS Hispanic Man of the Year  

  • 2011 Supplier of the Year Class I – National Supplier Council

  • 2011 Central City Award by The Business Journal and the Greater Milwaukee Committee

  • 2010 Governor’s Excellence Award in Community Action – Partnership with SDC.

  • 2010 Winner of Sam’s Club/US HCC National Social Media Contest

  • 2010 Public Citizen Award by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce

  • 2009 Executive Director of the Year for Region 4 by the US Hispanic Chamber

  • 2007 Minority Business Champion for Wisconsin by the Small Business Administration