Workforce Development

Developing a workforce for equipped for the 21st is crucial for organizations.

We offer the following workforce development programs:

  • Cultural competencies in the 21st century
  • Understanding the Diversity and Inclusion Language for Managers
  • Effective Leadership Skills for Managers
  • Dealing with Diverse Clients
  • Effective Customer Service Skills
  • Green Practices for the Workplace
  • Understanding the Language of Accounting and Finance
  • Reading and Understanding Financial Statements

Spanish and Bilingual

  • Basic Supervisory Skills / Destrezas Basicas para Supervisores
  • Understanding the US Business Culture/ Entendiendo la Cultura Empresarial Norteamericana
  • Basic HR Regulations and Laws/ Regulaciones y Leyes Basicas para Administrar Personal
  • Basic Customer Service Skills/ Destrezas de Servicio al Cliente

Basic Accounting and Finance/ Contabilidad y Finanzas Basicas