Multicultural Marketing Solutions

The Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute, Inc. (MEI), a multicultural marketing and training firm which provides public outreach, internet and social media services, marketing research services and advertising strategic services. The team at MEI focuses on marketing approaches that are culturally and generationally relevant while leveraging technology and social responsibility. A core competency of MEI is public outreach for multicultural and ethnic communities, including stakeholder identification and outreach, strategy development and implementation, neighborhood canvassing, organizing and meeting facilitation.

Some of our clients include:

Some of our projects include:

  • Catholic Financial Life
  • Cross Management Services/WHEDA
  • City of Racine
  • ICI/US Army
  • Milwaukee County Community Development Partners
  • Wisconsin State Fair
  • Wisconsin Department of Commerce
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  • Researching and Making Recommendations on Potential New Markets for Services Expansion
  • Developing a Strategy for Emerging Program Business Design
  • Conducting Focus Groups and Compiling results for the US Army
  • Engaging Ethnically Diverse Businesses in Business Capacity Programs
  • Increasing the Multicultural Participation of Consumers at EventsAdvertising, Media Participation and serving as spokesperson
  • Developing culturally sensitive collateral for C2B and B2BEnglish and Spanish

Other Services

We also offer business services that can benefit your emerging enterprises partners including marketing, financial and accounting assistance, internet and IT set up services and a myriad of training programs in partnerships with architects, estimators and other experts.