Entrepreneurial Training Program


The program is based on strong business planning concepts using a strategic framework focused on four strong elements; relationship development, resource creation, cash flow management, and contingency planning.

Risk identification and management Realistic Financial Planning Strategic Marketing Business Growth Planning

Through the duration of this course you will work closely with our certified instructor to develop a business plan that will increase success in your business venture.


Participants who sucessfully complete this program qualify for an simplified financing products through our banking partner CIBC. New business owners can receive up to $10000.00 financing as a start up. Established enterprises can access from 25K to 100K**  Formal application and credit are evaluated for this products.

  • Regulations and legalities of starting a business
  • How to identify your target market
  • How to evaluate your business idea
  • How to develop feasible marketing
  • How to connect with lenders, insurance agents, as well as other professionals
  • How to create financial projects How to articulate your sales plan
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2778 S 35th St, Suite 203 Milwaukee, WI 53215


General Public: $350
Alumni/Clients: $319
*A company that has more than one representative gets the second at $175

To register call: (414) 383-4633